About Us

Where We Started

Often simple thoughts spark big ideas; in 1949, when a young man embarked on a camping holiday with his family, he could never have anticipated that his thoughts that day would change the way in which people camped for generations to come. Frustrated by the alternatives available, he set about creating a revolutionary refillable cylinder; compact and convenient, economic and easy to use. The Campingaz® brand was born…and life outdoors was liberated.

CAMPINGAZ was born

From the beach to the campsite, or from the garden to the hills, Campingaz® innovations have changed the blueprint for outdoor cooking and adventure, each decade introducing revolutionary innovations.

Where We Are Today

Over the course of the following decades, CAMPINGAZ has grown to become your trusted companion for authentic, outdoor cooking adventures. Making it easy to discover the experience of eating outside, everywhere you go.

We invite you to cook with us and let CAMPINGAZ be part of your journey to indulge in new culinary delights.

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